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the situation in ukraine. whether he chooses to address it, is another matter. calls with european leaders with president obama in the last 24 to 48 hours. secretary kerry working the phones as well. but in terms of the response still very fluid here from washington. >> and mike what are the options that the u.s. has on the table as you're well aware, senator john mccain already criticizing anything at that time u.s. has or has not done. what options does the u.s. have when it comes to ukraine. >> this is a carryover what was said from yesterday as well. nobody is talking seriously about a military option. there are a number of problems with that, i think some of personnel relatively obvious. -- the relatively obviously. all across the political spectrum ear in washington -- here in washington, behind president obama whatever he chooses to do. they're talking about freezing assets, economic sanctions, banning visas. a lot of it is hoped fay will have an impact not only as a practical matter on the russian economy but on the soft power we have been talking about. its reputation worldwide th
parts of eastern ukraine. >> and i'm felicity barr, more on the ukraine situation, including eu leaders, calling for russia to deescalates or face targeted measures. -- deescalate or face targeted measures. >> events are moving rapidly within the last 30 minutes we've had a denial from thrawz i russt has given a ultimatum to ukraine. that's what ukrainian officials have said, surrounding bases in crimea, standoffs for days to come. the u.s. is turning up the heat on russia, considering targeted measures against the kremlin if it fails to deescalate the ukraine crisis. earlier on mo monday the british foreign minister william haig warns of consequences and costs if it doesn't change course. sergey lavrov insisting that his country has a duty to protect ethnic russians in ukraine. donetske, is the home of viktor yanukovych. rory challenge in moscow. let's go to tim friend who is in the ukrainian capital of kiev. this suggesting that russians, the ukrainian defense ministry now being denied from russia. what's the story from where you are tim? >> reporter: well i think everyone has an ag
asked the security council to consider the situation in the ukraine as seriously as it is and to undertake the appropriate to stop to assist us whichngerous developments are challenging the international peace and our territorial integrity. thank you. >> how would you characterize the russian military movements, as aggression? >> yes, because some of them identified themselves as russians. we know specifically some of the the 22ndr example special brocade of the intelligence department, the foreign forces of the russian theration, we know involved special law enforcement company. i gave you the name of this captain who led his group because of the decision of the crimean parliament, and we identified the presence of the russian aircraft and helicopters. the people who invaded in the parliament in the crimean keepingnt and who is the airports there to be identified. name ofou tell us the the naval officer, and can you tell us where these aircraft are headed? are they going into crimea or other places? and whether your government has control over the two airports in
the growing concern in ukraine. in the meantime, with the situation in ukraine spiraling out of control, "the washington post" editorial board slamming president obama in an op-ed sunday saying his foreign policy views are a fantasy and could threaten our national security. stunningly, it says, quote, for five years, president obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality. it was a world in which the tide of wars receding and the united states could, without much risk, radically reduce the size of its armed forces. unfortunately, russian president vladimir putin has not received the memo on 21st century behavior. guy benson is a political editor for and a fox news contributor. what do you make of that, guy? we're going to go to you then listen to the president. >> well, it's a stinging rebuke of this president and his foreign policy by an editorial board that twice endorsed him for president. when you read through, they're really taking apart this entire notion of smart power, which was the posture that president obama and the
the president's national security team met today on the situation in ukraine. the white house continues to stands firmly against any military intervention by russia. our libby casey joins us live from washington with more on all of that, when are you are hearing today from washington, libby. >>> while president obama issued a warn to go russia yesterday saying that military intervention would have costs there has been no response from the white house today. now, as you mentioned, we have been told by a senior administration official that the defense team, the national security team met today to talk over what is happening in ukraine and discuss options. we don't have a sense yet of what they are thinking because this is all happening behind closed doors, we may get insight tomorrow morning when defense second chuck hagel makes his rounds on the sunday talk shows, he'll be on cbs "face the nation." watch to get insid insight ther. everybody though the white house is staying mum we are hearing from members of congress including remembe republican ofa senator john mccain he expressed deep
to stabilize the situation in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry set to meet with russian's foreign minister in paris. >>> and the jet of the future that is costing taxpayers a fortune now. ♪ >>> world leaders engaging in shuttle diplomacy today over the crisis in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry meeting with officials in france, nato is also holding talks in brussels. here is is what is at stake. in crimea things are tense. >> reporter: if there is somewhere in crimea where the russians have full control it is here at the port. ships of the black sea fleet block all traffic, military and civilian, draining all life from this otherwise thriving port. this is an easy target for the russians. but if their intention is to take over all ukrainian military installations in crimea, then the mission is not over yet. ukrainian servicemen have refused to yield to this russian show of force. the russians have taken position in front of this army base here. we managed to speak to some of the ukrainian servicemen through the gate. they said they hadn't received any ultimatum yet. they s
easily thing that talking about this situation in ukraine leaders of the west are threatening sanctions against russia and quits the ukraine's are wondering about financial support. yes and actually japan might be able to help that they are by discussing it right now. in fact the finance chiefs of japan in the us there are also working on a plan to help ukraine and calm financial markets. they want to keep the debt strapped country from going bankrupt. finance minister tom also discuss the matter in a phone call with us treasury secretary jacob lew. they spoke after the group of seven industrialized countries issued a statement pledging strong financial backing. aso and they'll agree to work out the details to look at studies by the international monetary fund imf officials are considering contests respond to a request for aid from ukraine's internal government. international finance officials see this move by japan in the us as an attempt to soften the impact on the situation on the world economy. all investors across the world are becoming increasingly worried by mounting tensions bet
tonight on the extremely fluid situation in ukraine, changing by the hour. wendell goler covers the president's brief address, but first, senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg keeping a close eye from london on this developing story. good evening, amy. >> hi, bret. the warm glow of the olympic closing ceremony has dispalted in less than a wee ukraine's crimea has probably something to do with local militia groups, protection groups, bret, but certainly, there is a russian military presence down there, and the question and the concern is where is it all leading? another jarring wake-up call in ukraine. armed men take over the civilian airport in the semiautonomous region of crimea, and where russia bases its black sea fleet. russia says its personnel there are doing business as usual, protecting their black sea fleet. ukraine's interim government jumped to declare this a violation of the terms of the agreement. >> we have the fact there are disguised military from the russian black sea fleet illegally conducting their actions in ukrainian territory in the republic of c
. because of the extraordinary situation in ukraine which represents a threat to the lines of russian citizens. our compatriots and a contingent of russian armed forces that kate is in the autonomous republic of crimea. according to an international treaty as stated in the constitution of the russian federation. why else the upper house of online for permission to use all forces in ukraine until the situation is stabilized the federation council unanimously approved the move that was specifically retreated back to the centers and the presidential spokesman. that's the deployment was optional depending on the severity of the threats to the russian nationals living in the crimea and the south east terrace result. ukraine is sending kids to iraq the president likes to react promptly. in case all infiltration of radical groups into those tight trees at the rock attacks on nationalistic radicals on the crutches or in a bout of soul continues to move to the ones that take place on the first of march in the crimea is happy to see that all white. the ny crummy refuses to recognize the duty to
that the opposition on longer apply in this and they were in fact trying to destabilize the situation in ukraine and it seems that this pretty much in keeping this up but the real question now is because as i've said this really changes everything how cold the west and in your impact and reacts to the use of revelations. what a new marine asada said earlier that sounds like a real eye opener for a lot of people specifically for action at the dinner conversation but of what this means for the eu what sort of consequence two weeks back well we have heard all along that the pre much the western media and europe included also have been saying that the opposition that they have something to train them as freedom fighters and ignoring all the people who were saying that in fact some of these activists are former criminals the prisoners and then looking out to promote their own agendas in some case of barry and ashton mistake by radical within saying this for a number of days here are a hero on artsy know this goes to show that perhaps he knew doesn't know it doesn't have the full picture and this is j
. that's what happened a few minutes ago in london. >> let's update you on the situation in the ukraine. the center of appear appears to have shifted from the capitol kiev, the other side of the story emerging in crimea. gunman have taken over a government building and prompted a russian flag. that prompted warnings to moscow not to take action. the new performy war is being played out. >> tents are being made here to turn crimea like kiev in reverse. heavily armed men are protecting it from what they see as profoundly undemocratic forces. their supporters not so many, but they are here to tell you that they would like nothing more than russian tanks on the streets to protect them. >> american army was supported in different countries, today we support russian army, because everyone of us has relatives in russia. >> the police lines start by just a handful of uncertain looking men didn't look very impressive. the small group proves just how unimpressive it was. the point being that they wanted to tell the armed group in charge of parliament that they were with them, and that they were i
minister ever in the ukraine. these are changes that governments in a normal situation would find very hard to implement, especially changes to the subsidies. atare not only looking households being hit, but major industries being hit. also, in terms of the way the whole system is set up -- these changes will need to be done fairly fast. the risk is that they may be watered down to a popular consensus. or the speed at which they are introduced may affect them. at this moment, we still have a situation of civil unrest, especially in crimea, but also in kiev. there are defense units in the streets. this situation, any sort of aggravation of public discontent could lead to some secessionist ambition. at the moment, we are saying that the governors of the eastern provinces fell short of calling for separatism. they called for increased self-governance until the situation in kiev can be settled down. up in ae going to end situation where ukraine and betweenimbo, half were the european union and halfway between russia, but not really having a strong place with either? >> if we have protracted civ
and sort things out. it seems to me that the situation in ukraine demands the close working together of russia and the united states to avert a catastrophic world war. >> ukraine's president accused russia of approach okaying his country, like it did with another former soviet republic. comparisons have been made to the russian, georgia war. the conflict lasting five days and russia won. it begone over two disputed territories, south ossetia. in the year leading up to the conflict both countries accused the other of attacking citizens. georgia made the first move, launching an attack. russia retaliated. five days later the war was over. the result russia controls that area. >> for more on putin's response, let's turn to seven fish. a political science professor. first i want to get your thoughts on the comparison. do you feel like russia is following a similar path with the ukraine? >> it's a very different situation. the situation in ukraine is qualitatively different. in georgia there was a qualification from the georgian side. there's no provocation from the ukrainian side. in the
of war between russia and ukraine? >> right now it's very difficult situation for ukraine. russian expansion into crimea bring a lot of bad feeling for all ukrainians as everybody has said. right now main point we have to unite all together, it's united all country and the situation right now about independence of ukraine because it's not a question about crimea, some part of -- part of east ukraine cities to bring russian flags and put flags on government building. and meetings going on right now -- meetings starting right now in some cities. very important point right now, keep in the control whole situation for ukrainians. because i am more than sure it's the scenario, create not from ukraine outside of ukraine. >> you believe that most of what is happening in ukraine is being created from outside, which means by russia. do you think that ukraine, the ukrainian government needs military help from the west, from nato? do you call on the west to intervene to help ukraine militarily? >> we call right now to support because it's a negotiation in budapest between united states, great
say that is fortuitous. there is a situation between the ukraine and russia and we are looking at the impact that comes through commodity and energy prices. today, it does not look like this is going to be a deflationary event for the last. that is something we have to be wary of. >> talk about emerging markets and we have elections in india for april and we have a lot of movement in china. without corporate default. are you more cautious than you were? >> i think the answer is that we remain cautious on emerging markets and the growth cycle has not yet got to a pays for a base that benefits the emerging markets and you are seeing the problem come through in china. china knows they cannot rely so heavily on the west for demands and gdp growth on exports. there is also investment spending that has been a big contributor to growth and cannot continue at this sort of pace that it has been. it has to come more from consumer spending and that is hard to generate. there could be a lot of pickups. >> the chief investment officer. we are back into. >> in london, this is on the move in
on the market reaction so far to the ukraine-russia situation. >>right now the market's reaction has been relatively benign. we really haven't seen a powerful quality trade coming into the markets yet although we have seen it somewhat. on monday evening the treasuries closed at about a 260 yieldand we did see risk assets soften somewhat. so we have seen a rotation from risk assets into the safe haven assets. i would expect today to see a continuation of the flight to quality trade but the market is really standing down in terms of a really powerful flight to quality trade to assess what's going on with respect to the ukraine. so obama came out and said any kind of military intervention is really off of the table and they're going to try and persuade russia to leave the ukraine through an series of economic sanctions. but i think this means that we're in for a long drawn out affair. putin has done the calculus and if you look at the map, the ukraine forms an important economic corridor for russia between asia and the european union. so it's going to take a lot to get the russians to back d
secretary general ban ki made to discuss the situation in ukraine. he rejects accusations that russia is acting aggressively wishes to muster the restroom i repeat this is amateur defending our citizens and the compact hits are defending amazed important human rights the bike tonight. they see a tent and temperate this situation as an act of aggression and threaten us with sanctions and boycotts these are the very same pot as the boss he consistently the coverage critical force is kind to them. it is an ultimatum m refused i look to build a consensus southern and eastern regions of ukraine which is ultimately greater minds ukrainian society. rush euro cents down to its policy on ukrainian imagine she told the un security council on monday evening the end of its old foe critics cool prices. this is not business as usual for ukraine's interim government noble as it must attend to drop goal to try some but the wrongs of the country stricken economy. prime minister yet senate is promising more transparency in the pit to the er in picture investments rather than balloon current news in the
particularly as you see this maket pushing to what you consider new highs across the board. >>with the ukraine crisis situation and the volatility index cooling off, does that give us an all clear signal or do traders think that more could be ahead? >>i think that you saw quite a reaction yesterday and much more of a reaction than i think most of us expected. i wouldn't say it's an all clearcertainly a relief rally. i think you saw some shortcovering going on as the day moved forward as well. we do have some big numbers coming out later this week so i think there are some issues we're going to have to contend with over the next couple of days. the vix got down to 14still not down near its lows that we saw a couple months ago. so you're still seeing vol firm as we see the market pushing to new highs. >>thank you dan. >>you're welcome angie. that's caps off our day.. coming up tomorrow in movies & money--now that the oscar show is wrap our critic calls the winner for this weekend.will it be mr peabody and sherman or 300 rise of an empire. flick us on to find out. from all of us at first business
are down 2% or more, and consumers here could be facing higher heating bills. the situation in ukraine, crudup 2% at this hour, and russia is one of the largest producers. the cold weather is driving up demand for utilities. the bitter cold didn't stop buyers from going to chrysler. driving sales up the largest since 2007. >>> general motors sales on ice. a decline in february after a disappointing january. >>> and ford sales fell 6% in february. blaming the bad weather. and ford hopes to make up some of those losses in march. >>> a texas police department taking a new approach with repeat offenders. they are building relationships with officers with the people they are having a tough time trying not to rearrest. more from medford, texas. >> as a father of seven, mike is stretched thin. >> it's like a referee sometimes. >> his 15-year-old has aspergers, a form of autism, and needs extra attention. >> empathy, it's a lack of understanding of other people. >> with the exception of a texas police officer, monique, who met his son a year ago after he had run away from home. she's part
political chess game where the tension increases by the hour. well, so far, the situation in ukraine has not exploded into massive bloodshed, the potential is there. russia and ukraine have a complicated intertwined history. and share a 1400 mile border with the occupied crimean peninsula smack in the middle. with ukraine outmatched militarily by every measure, the question becomes what is the international response and how effective can it be? we have fox team coverage tonight. wendell goler reports from the white house, which is not considering military options. fbn's maria bartiromo looks at the economic impact worldwide. brit hume on the politics and policy involving vladimir putin and president obama, but we begin with amy kellogg in the ground in kiev. hi, amy. >> hi, bret. people in this city less than two weeks literally gave their lives for the future of ukraine. a future free of the russian orbit, a future with a tilt towards the west, but day by day now they're seeing their gains clawed back by russia. not necessarily, bret, here in the capital, but definitely in crimea, over
, there is still opportunity for russia to help the international community stabilize the situation in ukraine. meanwhile, delivering the message in kiev, condemning russia for escalating the violence, kerry is visiting with ukraine's new leaders reayou remember thing support for the government. this has been a day of point, counter point, 2 sides expressing their opinions. talking points, but clearly a very strong difference of opinion on the way things are progressing here in kiev, and throughout the country. john kerry said that many of that vladimir putin said in an hour long press conference, were simply not true. the russian government would have you believe that that will have been mass attacks on churches in eastern ukraine. that hasn't happened. but vladimir putin remains adamant the west does not understand this country. he says that ukraine is well within the sphere of russia's control. and that basically the west is looking at ukraine as some sort of laboratory experiment, in democracy. in his speech, today to the russian press, vladimir putin also took an opportunity to say that w
there doesn't seem to be a speed bump if we get past the ukraine situation. what you calling for for the major indices for the year? >> we're calling for 6% to 7% on the s&p for year end and also interest rates to go a little bit higher. perhaps you get that 3-1/4% range. if your looking for opportunity in regards to investing we look towards health care, consumer discretionary as two sectors we believe you confined good value. cheryl: i know you like t. j. max. you do like consumer discretionary. thank you, chad. adam: let's talk technology. cheryl: looking to enter the drone business list of reports say the social media site is buying tighten aerospace for $60 million but why? let's bring in executive director todd able to. facebook making a move in the drone company. >> everyone is wondering why drones, or cameras up in the air but this is what we saw a google do with project minute and south connecting the rest of the world, two thirds of the planet doesn't have access to internet connections so we am looking in third-world countries how to get imam line. i was talking to adam and the ques
the ukraine situation. that's tonight 10:00 p.m. on hannity. t! [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!" yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? >>> last week senate majority leader harry reid insulted americans on the floor. the senate claiming that all of their obamacare horror stories were untrue. leader reid blamed the koch brothers for false ads. we looked up after senator murphy walked the comments back and hours later senator murphy did tweet this out. i can't say that all of the coke ads of obama care are deceptive but the vast majority are. was that walking it back. you decide that one. now he is bragging%çn about it today on the senate floor anyone turned on fox news lately knows i have gotten under charles and david coke's coch's skin. just for the record we looked it up and leader reid
with former secretary of defense about the ukraine situation. that's tonight 10:00 p.m. on hannity. [ male announcer ] you've never watched her like this before. but something about spending this time together -- sailing past ancient glaciers in alaska -- makes you realize how old time is and how short life is. she can take all the time she wants. princess cruises. come back new. [ female announcer ] plan your seven-day cruise from just $549. call your travel agent or 1-800-princess. >>> last week senate majority leader harry reid insulted americans on the floor. the senate claiming that all of their obamacare horror stories were untrue. leader reid blamed the koch brothers for false ads. we looked up after senator murphy walked the comments back and hours later senator murphy did tweet this out. i can't say that all of the coke ads of obama care are deceptive but the vast majority are. was that walking it back. you decide that one. now he is bragging%çn about it today on the senate floor anyone turned on fox news lately knows i have gotten under charles and david coke's coch's skin. just
to turn back and land in another city. here is the explanation of the situation. this is how it started to move around the ukraine. i took the car into which you crime year -- krimear eventually. the intentions i had were real and by the new threats. they said even the youngest grandchild was put on the blacklists. my eldest son went to the kindergarten and preschool and took him away. he said i cannot risk the lives of my family. that is what the situation was like. >> keep your cool. i would like someone from the bench to speak now. the gentleman in the black jacket. >> could you speak on the current situation in krimea. i represent to the moscow. what do you think is going to happen in crimea in the near future? >> i am here now. a friend of mine lives near the this city. i came to find a temporary refuge here for a wild. as for crimea, everything that is happening in crimea today is a natural breeze wants to the regime change that took place this year. the power that was done by radical mobsters. if you compare them to the 45 million population of ukraine. crimeans do not want to ob
use force to resolve the situation in ukraine the minister believes that the current issue can be results through peaceful negotiations. it was stated by the official representative of the foreign affairs ministry at the briefing anasta now emily's the parties are able to make balanced and objective decisions the country also the situation in ukraine will settle down since the for the worsening the crisis could lead to unpredictable consequences both in the region in the whole world is the legacy of the diesel is going to get some addicts human urge all parties to make decisions objectively and responsibly and to refrain from actions echo provoking for the aggravation of the ukrainian prices extend hopes for an early normalization of the situation in a peace dialogue of all political forces but it teaches kids to the bus loading of the president can extend this offer to buy a map of the members of the national advisory board the main directions on the frail the realization of the economic potential cause extent implementation of international initiatives of the republic as well
have nothing to do with the situation in ukraine we have this option but it is an extreme measure house for the legitimacy of the president get a call that request and russia to use military force to protect the lives and wellbeing of ukrainians. the nationalists and ukraine or empowered after victory on the call that gave into the demands all the off position and signed up for pretty much everything that they were looking to achieve the ends to win so he gave them a free upgrade to all of the country and under the circumstances by wilkinson said that it's understandable why the ousted leader and capsicum back in russia support in the fridge but kiki fifteen which is practically given up his power. it was real until the mandatory opposition snap presidential and parliamentary elections but he agreed to return in two thousand for constitutional suitable to kick cold towel and western request not to use force when he hasn't issued any illegal order. you know there are still many nationalist and radical extremists that are rampant on the street to the ukraine when we see these scenes we u
the situation in the ukraine. where does this leave europe in the situation? >> a very difficult situation. they want to help negotiate and de-escalate. but there is a clear position here. the territorial integrity of the ukraine is important. they cannot allow that to be touched. they also said, for example, the british ministers said they condemned the russian decision. they took a very clear situation. it puts them in a difficult situation. there is an emergency meeting. they now have to be credible. it is a little bit hard to decide what they do now. will it be sanctions? will they reconsider the energy relations with russia? it is a difficult situation europe is in now. >> it seems they are intent on keeping the diplomatic channels open. but will a diplomatic solution work? >> they hope it will. this is the most severe crisis since the cold war. there are still a lot of diplomatic channels. there is soviet interdependence. there are some money channels, they have traditionally, the g-8, nato, and others. there are established connections. and the head of state is in contact with the l
the turmoil ukraine's i financial situation. with the latest is ashley webster who joins us in studio. stuart: he surfaced in russia today calling for calm as crimea becomes a flash point, russian troops seizing two airports, that is the latest report. reporters of the news conference in southern russia today, that he intends to keep on fighting for ukraine's future against what he calls pro fascist thugs in kiev and is also blaming the west for his demise. >> irresponsible policies by the u.s.. particularly as strong country that will definitely be able to overcome. >> also saying russian intervention was not needed even though as we say russian troops had reportedly received -- sees two airports. the u.s. saying to russia, better back off but at the political divide widens ukraine's financial situation remains precarious. worried about pipers of the inflation ukraine's central bank has put a $1,300 limit on daily cash withdrawals. swiss and austrian authorities are blocking the assets of his associates while launching a corruption probe. ukraine's new government claims loans were $37 billio
. >> well, the situation since the soviet collapse, ukraine and russia begin to threaten each other at the very beginning of the end of the cold war. incrediblee had an accumulated atomic weaponry left over from the soviet era. russia was threatening ukraine with preemptive strikes if they did not give up those nuclear weapons. the united states also was going to place sanctions on ukraine if it did not give up its nuclear weapons. on the very beginning, there were tensions between russia and ukraine at the end of the cold war. those tensions go back even earlier, when khrushchev gave the crimea over to the ukraine and russian nationalists opposed that. back to that in a minute. the main point here is that tensions from the end of the cold war started. 994, there was an agreement that ukraine would give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for russia, u.s., and european security assurances that all of the states would guarantee ukrainian territory. that is what has been questioned. that agreement in 1994, the budapest agreement, was a neutralized ukraine and all the states guaranteed
the situation, which is a multi national political dialogue about ukraine. potentially under the auspices of the osce. the -- seeing that president putin has accepted this in principal, fist not the esce but that's a detail. why is that important? really, because russia's position, in my opinion, is that it will not tolerate a hostile anti-russian government being installed by unconstitutional means with the support of the western power necessary a country next to it which it has vital interests in. and it wants to have a process whereby ukraine's internal politics and its external relations are agreed by everyone who has an interesting. now, this position, of course, is rejected by western europe and the united states on the grounds that it compromises or qualifies in some way ukraine's sovereigncy. but getting to that position without abandoning the point of principal is probably the way through. >> you say putin goes into damage limitation exercises as soon as he's got what he wants. isn't what he wants the crimea here? he's saying that situation is going to resolve itself or is he goi
will be speaking with president vladimir putin of russia shortly about the situation in ukraine, end quote. let me say in closing, at this crucial moment it is important to recall the mission of this organization, to always search for peaceful settlements of dispute. this is the essence of the u.n charter and shall serve as our primary guide in this situation. now is the time for cool heads to prevail. thank you. >> [speaking french]. >> distinguished members of the council, council, deputy, secretary general, excellen cry es, thank you to agreeing to this meeting on such short notice. thank you for your comments and thank you for presenting us the statement of the secretary general which is very promising. what i am going to state now was sent to all the nations this afternoon including the recent information ordered while the developments in the ukraine and mostly in crimea. the situation continues to deteriorate. as i told you yesterday the russian troops had illegally entered the terry tore -- territory and the biggest reason the russian speaking population of ukraine. a few hours ago the uppe
at the situation in ukraine. a news conference with vladimir putin followed by remarks on the senate floor from chris murphy, john mccain, and jeff sessions. kurdish foreign secretary william hague -- british foreign secretary william hague in the house of commons. >> jack lew heads to capitol hill wednesday to testify on the president's 3.9 trillion dollar 2015 budget request. he appears before the senate finance committee at 10:30 a.m. eastern. c-span 3 and on you can join the conversation on twitter and facebook. >> white house budget director testifies wednesday on the president 2015 budget request. eastern onng at 2:00 c-span numeral three. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. >> we do not have a criminal investigation role. .e have a vast enforcement role to enforce the federal securities laws and make sure wall street abides by the rules. have the criminal authority. we have the power to bring civil action, civil fraud action against those who violate the federal securities laws. we cannot send anyone to jail, but we can assess civil penalties. there is some legislation
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had spoken to president putin. she shares the shame view as the rest over the situation. the ukraine, it is stated that any movements of russian troops either over the border were from the black sea bases will be considered a military aggression. >> and in or new, coming out of moscow, this friday, a russian court has ordered the house arrest of row test leader for two months. he is being barred. now, vladimir putin and the lead her of anti-criminal protest twos year ago, the army has denounced the ruling and is baseless. >> in other new, the french president has arrived in the central african republic. he has addressed troops based in the capital. the troop comes three mons into a military mission to stop deadly sectarian killing. he is due mcthe country's interim president later this afternoon. let's take a listen to what he had to say. [speaking in french] we have seen progress in several months particularly in the capital. one situation has significantly improved. there is certainly a lot more to do. what brings meaning to the efforts over the last three months that is advances h
security team worked through the weekend on the dangerous escalating situation in ukraine. the president spoke by phone with leaders of canada, france, germany, poland, the u.k. after an hour and a half call with vladimir putin himself. senior administration officials say obama flatly rejected putin's reasons for entering ukraine and taking over crimea, telling him to back out but also offering ways forward through dialogue or international monitors to make sure the russian-speaking people there are protected under ukraine's new government. secretary of state john kerry didn't hold back on russian's move. >> it's a continuing act of aggression. it's a stunning, willful choice by president putin to invade another country. it's a 19th century act in the 21st century. >> reporter: russia's ambassador comes after ukraine's president was ousted last month in the wake of a bloody street protest after his rejection of a plan. now the administration has cancelled trade talks with russia and with several allies has backed out of meetings leading to the g-8 summit in sochi in june. all this has al
the situation in -- >> there are serious repercussions that can flow out of this. there are a broad array of options available. i spent yesterday afternoon on the phone with many of my counterparts. foreign ministers of countries most engaged and all of them, every single one of them are prepared to go to the hill in order to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. they are prepared to put sanctions in place, they are prepared to isolate russia economically. the ruble is already going down. russia has major economic challenges. i cannot imagine that an occupation of another country is something that appeals to people who are trying to reach out to the world and particularly if it involves violence, i think they will be inviting difficulties for the long-term. the people of ukraine will not sit still for this. they know how to fight. they have demonstrated remarkable bravery. you think about yanukovych positioning his snipers on the , andtops of kiev notwithstanding people falling to the right and left, these marchers kept on marching and demanded their freedom and opportunity
the situation in the ukraine. there is something immediate congress can do to help us. that is to help finance the economic package that could stabilize the economy in ukraine, help to make sure that fair and free elections take place very soon, and as a consequence helps to de-escalate the crisis. in the meantime, we are consulting with our international allies across the board. together, the international community has condemned russia's violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. he have condemned their intervention in crimea. and we are calling for a de-escalation of the situation and international monitors that can go into the country right away. and above all, we believe that the ukrainian people should be able to decide their own future, which is why the world should be focused on helping them stabilize the situation economically and move towards the fair and free elections that are currently scheduled to take place in may. there have been some reports that president putin is pausing for a moment, reflecting on what's happened. i think we've all seen that, from th
is the west of the situation the ukraine. it's a set that any movement of russian troops into labor the border from the box seat bases. he coa minute read aggression the gm debate is expected to hold a news conference later this friday it will be the fist time he will be seen in . this was ousted last week was good to me. news just coming in of russian tribunal has ordered the house agrees to participate a statement at a premium on two counts as they come neil french prison for a spot along and has just arrived in the central african republic. his trip comes in the three months into a military mission to stop deadly sectarian killing as for the more i do this individually. along the street to meet the country's interim cousin catherine sent a pass. think as chris martin o'neill has mall. jt flow of funds flowed onto fact the french case the weather doing it this time when the party of course just voted for the deployment of next up for hundreds of them to the hit of the places that takes us inside meets the president of central african republic. catherine assembled on site as well as religiou
appreciate it very much. we'll have much more on the ukraine situation later in the program. >>> up next a new report says team obama about to impose another key obamacare delay for so-called substandard health plans. it's totally political, creates massive confusion and i say it's not reason for a full-scale moratorium on the full business. better that koons will have the story just ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses here in philadelphia you can access a philly cheesesteak anytime, day or night. just like you can access geico anytime, day or night. there is o
of terms we can't agree with. that's characterizing the situation in ukraine and the actions of the russian federation. the colleagues we discussed the crisis, a crisis which should not have taken place. in order for it to occur there was no objective reason for it to happen. there was and there still is a fraternal country of ukraine, our neighbor. if you talk about this in terms of the last fall situation, the legally elected president yanukovych he is relying on a democratically-elected parliament. truly the country is dealing with a serious economic challenges and with the leadership of ukraine, they have serious decisions to make. in particular, they need to make a decision whether they will join or they will assign an agreement of association with the eu. this is a complex decision. one of the mistakes of the ukrainian leadership maybe was the fact that at the last minute they realized that that agreement on association that was being proposed by brussels could have economic consequences for ukraine. in these conditions, the ukrainian leadership, the president took a decision that is
to pass an aid package for ukraine. the united nations discussed the situation in ukraine. the outed president of ukraine had asked for russian troops to maintain order. they accused russia of fabricating it. >>> a cross country trip aiming to raise awareness. he is a juggler with the cirque du soliel raising money for people hurt or killed when protesters clashed with police in kiev and he is asking people to sign a flag he will send to ukraine. >> well wishes from american people and send the writing on the flag, send it to the center of kiev. support from america to ukraine. >> he plans to end his trip in front of the white house. he hopes he can get a member of the administration to sign the flag before he sends it to ukraine. >>> dozens of jobs are available and oakland police are trying something new to fill them. the three things they need strengthen the department. >> the rain is picking up. still to come the viableinable that means a little -- viablemirability that means a little rain can topple trees. charles not having coverage stressed me out. i literally haven't been to
to defuse the situation in ukraine going into overdrive, but the situation continues in armenia. and in the murder trial involving oscar pistorius, it is said that he tried to fire a gun in a restaurant and tried to shift the blame. and looking to break the cycle of poverty by increasing conversation between parents and kids. welcome to our viewers in america and around the globe. tonight, nato is reviewing the russian response. the kremlin accused nato of returning to the attitudes of the cold war. flurry of diplomatic activity today, and we will get to that in a moment. on the ground in ukraine, pro-russian demonstrators stormed the regional government holding. russia tightened its grip on military facilities. our bbc world news editor has our coverage. ,> it was inside this cafÉ besieged by noisy, pro-russian demonstrators that the u.n. envoy took refuge. the doorway was barred by ukrainian security police. though, as usual, it was not quite clear whose side they were on. it stayed remarkably cool inside, as he contacted the u.n. in new york and came to the conclusion that t
-cabrera. with more on the situation in ukraine. don't unpack your bags, girl. >> i'm well aware of that. i want you to think about what i'm about to say and tell me what you think about it. we're talking about whether or not the west can do anything to punish vladimir putin. and i would argue that the capital markets are stepping in in a way that diplomacy has thus far failed. yes, global markets are lower when you talk about stocks. but not nearly as bad as in russia. and by the way, treasuries are rallying as people seek safety. contrast that to what is happening in russia. there is strong capital flight happening there today where investors are saying you want to do this to ukraine, fine, but not on my dime. first of all, the central bank had to raise interest rates 1.5%. 1.5%. we talk about a central bank move of a quarter percent as a big deal. take a look at the russian ruble. these charts show the strength of the dollar. it's been getting hammered. the one-week chart shows the dramatic move that's happened as well. take a look at the rtfs, the russian stock market. down 10%. one week down 16
attention from what is the major issue in ukraine, which is their economic, very disastrous situation and they need a lot of help. >> zbigniew, one final thought, i've only got 30 seconds, do you think that the chinese, who would be crucial here, will view this in the way that i suggested, that is, as a violation of another country's sovereignty or are they at the end of the day back russia or abstain? >> i think they certainly should have that view. i think it's in their interests to have that view. but to have them have that interest, we have to act in a way that is clear, consistent and decisive and i think we have to make it very clear there is a legitimate government in power in kiev and any action attempting to detach parts of ukraine from ukraine using russian military force is an attack on peace in an era in which there is a sense that we have a collective responsibility for security and maintenance of peace. >> thank you to the two of you, this is absolutely important and ur xwents. thank you. stay with us. we have a very different perspective coming up next. a man who says w
before the ukraine situation overflowed into the rest of the market was beta coming out of the market. that may be in front of the weekend. it may be just profit taking in front of uncertainty or potential uncertainty. that's not an abnormal reaction for a market like this. it's come a long way. >> thanks, every. stick around and catch tim seymour on "fast money" at 5:00 p.m. we'll look forward to all of that. more ahead on the market's mixed performance today after a day of mostly green arrows. markets turn negative but the dow and s&p then creep back into positive territory. all of this despite reports of raised tensions between russia and ukraine. two top market pros women weigh in next. plus troops on the ground in ukraine taking over an airport in crimea. and "meet the press" moderator david gregory will join me for more. and "meet the press" moderator >>> welcome back. as you can see, markets ending this week on a volatile note. a lot of it tied to uncertainty in ukraine and what russia may or may not be doing. still, the s&p 500 closing at an all-time high and the dow isn't too
sergei lavrov. they are trying to stablilize the situation, and the military cries of ukraine has a dire economic situation as well. meanwhile, on capitol hill, the democratic leader, after barack obama called on congress to immediately take up sanctions this week, as soon as congress is back in town, harry reid, the democratic leader says he wants the europeans on board first. >> a reminder with the changing situation, stay with al jazeera america for the latest on the ukraine crisis. >> israel's prime minister is pushing back against u.s. diplomacy in the middle east. binyamin netanyahu and president obama met at the white house on monday. the u.s. and israel are committed to reaching lasting peace with the palestinians. >> it's my belief that ultimately it is still possible to create two states, a jewish state of israel, and a state of palestine in which people are living side by side in peace and security. but it's difficult. it requires compromise on all sides. >> binyamin netanyahu says israel has been making the compromises but the palestinians have not. >> we look at what we got
process of ukraine. >> the white house is also keeping a close eye on the situation in ukraine. >> we're not going to speculate about what we might do if something might happen. we're going to focus on the kinds of communication we're having right now, and focus on the international 1969 to assist ukraine. >> as the reportedly russian-backed soldiers took up their positions in crimea, former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych, was holding a news conference in southern russia. he insists he is still president of the country. >> i repeat it over again. i'm the elected president of ukraine, and i remain the legitimate president of ukraine. >> philty nery joins us live, and the country is moving on without yanukovych. what is he saying? he wants to return to ukraine? >> reporter: he's very critical of those who are the sitting government in kiev. he even called them fascists. but it's not just those in kiev that he's critical of. he squared off against western powers and blamed them for this crisis. >> i fully take responsibility upon those who brought our country to this crisis. and i
. the situation in the ukraine is developing quickly. isted president yanukovych holding a press conference today from russia. the u.s. government tries to pull together international funding to avoid a default. let's go to kiev and our reporter there, ryan chilcote. walk us through what has been happening in the south of the country in the crimea this morning. >> it is certainly seizing headlines. i am at the ukrainian central bank with the prime minister and the head of central bank are giving a joint briefing about the state of the country's finances. the prime minister left early. i did have a quick conversation with him, one on one, and they are studying the situation in the crimea. they're trying to figure out who these people are. what we're talking about is that at five :00 this morning, another group of armed men -- at 5:00 this morning, another group appeared at anve in the crimea. we have two eyewitness reports that there is a group of somewhere between 50 and 100 armed men that have been there for some time. the acting president of ukraine said that russia is moving its troops within
the breaking news out of ukraine, escalating very tense situation unfolding, we're tracking some of the major developments in this situation. christianne amanpour is joining us once again from london, our chief international correspondent. when we see this situation, it reminds me of the battle days of the cold war, some are making comparisons to bosnia, kosovo and others. how concerned that this could really get out of control? >> reporter: i don't see any similarity at all to bosnia, kosovo and all the rest of it. it's very similar to the u.s. invading iraq, if you want to tahe
for permission to use all forces in ukraine until the situation is stabilized. the federation council unanimously approved the move that was specifically retreated but those senators and presidential spokesman that's the deployment was optional depending on the severity of the threats to the russian nationals living in the crimea and the south east tears result ukraine is sending kids. to react promptly. in case all infiltration of radical groups into those terrorists trees at the rock attacks of nine thousand radicals on the crutches or in our soul continues to move to the ones that take place on the first of march in the crimea is happy to see it all went out hard spun and eighty dollars this can often tell us what exactly happened. so formed a team in the sense from kiev tried the storming in the eye catching several local government buildings here fighting weapons and using sound remains of the so called self defense quads were able to repel these attacks but perhaps this was a turning point to which the gradient prime minister announced that he's temporarily taking over the control panel the
right now. the u.n. security council holding emergency talks on the situation in ukraine today. comes after the russian parliament approved military action in ukraine. russia reporting also that russian parliament wants president putin to recall russia's ambassador to the u.s. >>> we are going to go back to elise labott at the pentagon. tell us, the u.n., nato, what can they do about this? >> there is very little the u.n. can do, because as you know, russia has a veto, as a permanent member on the u.n. security council so it's really a forum where they can discuss these issues and again, put a little bit of diplomatic pressure condemnation on the russians but in terms of actually having any effect, it's really unclear. it looks like between the u.s. and the europeans, that's where the center of diplomatic activity will be. as far as nato is concerned, it doesn't look like nato is talking about any type of intervention. i haven't heard anything of that sort. but there has been an interesting relationship with ukraine over the last several years. ukraine wants obviously to be part of na
putin deescalates the ukraine situation saying he sees no need for military action, has no plans to annex the crimean peninsula. the bulls will take it. the ten year has been a fear gauge you saw it above two six and europe is trying to get back what it lost yesterday, gold is also down about $13. the roadmap begins with the markets looking to rebound as tensions in the ukraine ease at least for the time being. gold pulling back from that four-month high. >>> however, putin still calling the situation in ukraine an unconstitutional coup, we'll go live to kiev for the latest developments from the region. >>> and shares of radioshack dropping almost 30% in the premarket after the company announced it's closing 1,100 underperforming stores. >>> but we'll begin with the markets as we said trying to rebound from the selloff yesterday despite the turmoil in ukraine, futures in the u.s. and shares in europe pointing sharply higher following reports that vladimir putin has ordered his troops to cease military exercises along the border with ukraine. his argument was that those had been i
-strapped ukraine tuesday as it's economic situation worsened. >> the state treasury is empty. and to unbelievable and unlimited corruption in my country we cannot collect the revenues in order to execute our social obligations. >> ukraine has issued short-term debt at right rates as high as 15%. the new governmentest states had needs $35 billion in rescue loans over the next two years. >> with the first efforts with a diplomatic solution failing in paris today what are the tools at the world's disposal if it decides to pressure russia over the occupation of ukraine? that's this edition of the program. joining us for a look at the russian ukrainian and american economies are jacob, senior fellow at the peterson institute for international economics. from kiev, valari, political analyst at a political think tank. he also lectures at kiev business school and from washington, mihala acting director of the council's energy and environment program. jacob, is there much in the way of economic leverage at the u.s. holds in russia? >> cared to the e.u. in my opinion no. you like in europe, for instance, y
a statement on a situation around the world this time the escalating tensions in the ukraine. jim sciutto, we're seconds away from the president of the united states. this is a big deal. no question. they are observing movement of russian troops on the ground. you don't need a full-scale georgia-style invasion for russia to do military intervention. you can have black ops and that's what appears to be happening there. including this morning when american lieders got they warned them not to make moves that could be misininterpreted as military intervention. and we're looking at a relationship in peril here. >> it's certainly reminding me of -- and i covered the cold war -- of what was going on then. >> absolutely. more anxiety than the day before and they are watching these movements. still, these are worrisome developments and you get that sense from the feeling and the comments. >> here comes the president of the united states. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days the united states has been responding to events as they unfold in the ukraine. throughout this crisis we have
for president obama to speak about ukraine and the situation, as these reports have surfaced of russian troops landing in crimea. this as the ukrainian president, the former president now, yanukovych, spoke today from russia, as you were just discussing. saying he will still fight for ukraine. but the biggest development today, just within the past few hours, reports on the ground in crimea that some 2,000 russian troops have landed there. the pentagon confirming that some 12 aircraft have landed at the airport there. earlier, there were -- there were soldiers there that were not dressed in russian uniforms. they were in camo, but not in russian uniforms. they had secured the airport, and then 12 aircraft landed. estimated about 2,000 troops landing in crimea. now, the current administration, the authorities on the ground, as you mentioned, the election has been set. that they are saying that this is an invasion by russia. already, we've heard from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, saying and teaming up with the president of the united states in this statement. we've heard warnings fr
two armed men seize two airports in crimea. we will have the latest on the situation in the ukraine, next on "now." ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> the complicated and bloody past of the ukrainian region of crimea is returning to the president -- present. armed militants have occupied two airports in the region. members of the ukraine's new government say the men were troops deployed from russia but the kremlin is denying those claims. this back and forth comes one day after russian president, vladimir putin, ordered a surprise military exercise on the bored other of ukraine with 150,000 russian troops. the russian flag was planted on top of crimea's parliament building. militants took control of government buildings there and pro-russian demonstrators filled the streets. earlier today in his first appearance since he fled kiev last week, ukraine's ousted president, viktor yanukovych, speaking in russian from inside russia, insisted he remained the legitimate leader of ukraine. mr. yanukovych is wanted for the mass murder of protesters in his country. despite russia's overt plex flexing of military
dangerous situation right now in ukraine. it's pre-war situation. invasion of russian military forces to ukrainian territory. >> we'd like to bring attention that's really important in this really urgent issue and ukraine, russia is behaving very, very aggressively. >> it's scary. >> his message, keep the demonstrations doing. >> they are doing a tremendous job. they are raisin raising the pros and the wars around the world. we have more than 20 millions people around. and they will protest, on the squares around the world, asking the governments to raise their voice, and to protect ukraine. >> there weren't a lot of protesters outside the u.n. are it was a freezing day in new york and this demonstration was put together at the last minute but passions were still running very high. >> americans, stand up in defense of what is right. >> don't want any more blood to be shed. >> majority of people did not even know where this country was prior to november and december of last year. they must know it is not the soviet union anymore. >> reporter: and with me now here in little ukraine in
at it incredibly nervesly. the situation is still very volatile throughout ukraine as the new government feels its way. it's desperately trying to keep the country unified but sees events in crimea as a potential throat to that. >> for the moment, thanks. film friend live in kiev. we'll continue to monitor the situation in ukraine, and let you know of further developments. >> to venezuela, where anti-government protesters are calling for more demonstrations. on thursday security forces fired tear gas at crowds of demonstrators in caracas. thousands rallied in cities across venezuela, against the crackdown on the opposition. al jazeera's adam raney has the latest from caracas. >> venezuela's president was hoping that thursday, which kicked off a week-long holiday around the carnival, showing an easing of tensions between protesters and government forces didn't happen. we have several protests in the surrounding area, and protests in the south-west of the country on the border of columbia which is the epicentre of tense protests between people unhappy with the government, unhappy with rising inflati
in ukraine. at the same time russian state media were depicting the situation as almost a military turn down in the ukraine. russia was preparing the soil to step in to move. >> ukraine is a massive 46 million people, enormous space. even if they mobilized 150,000 troops for a drill, an exercise, that about this particular problem they have inside the navy base there and which could be supplemented, do have a legitimate right to be there? >> reporter: yes, they do have a legitimate right to be here. moreover, they have a legitimate right to move around crimea. let me point your attention to the fact that the troops which are stationed there and troops stationed close to the russian border are one of the best forces that russia has. russian navy s.e.a.l.s are one of the most equipped of the russian army. >> behind her independence square. today is quiet. >>> the oscars take place in hollywood this weekend. one foreign film tackles the highly sensitive subject of palestinians who collaborate with israel. we have the details. >> omar brings the complexity of the middle east conflict to this yea
is summons ukraine's security chiefs over the situation in crimea. >> viktor yanukovych says he will fight for his countries future, but the question is how. julie mcdonald has more from london. julie. >> thank you. well, ukraine's ousted president insists he was forced to leave because of threats on his life. he says he'll return when he feels safe. where does that leave the new government, struggling to keep things under control as it is? let's get more from the former british ambassador to ukraine. yanukovych has shown clearly a man in denial at that press conference this morning. >> yes. he was in denial, claiming that he's still the president of ukraine, but he left last friday night. he's now taken himself off to russia and he has lost the support of the people who were supporting him before, politicians and government operators. by the time he left, the guards had already disappeared from around the presidential administration. the day after he left, the man who had been leading his party in parliament came on television and denounced him. >> do you think that's why this situation d
escalating situation in ukraine. the president spoke by phone with leaders of canada, france, germany, poland, the uk after an hour and a half call with vladimir putin himself. senior administration officials say obama flatly rejected putin's reasons for entering ukraine and taking over crimea, telling him to back out. but also offering ways forward through dialogue or international monitors to make sure the russian speaking people are protected under ukraine's new government. secretary of state john kerry didn't hold back on russia's move in a string of tv appearances. >> it's an incredible act of aggression. it's a stunning willful choice by president putin to invade another country. it's a 19th-century act in the 21st century. >> reporter: russia's action comes after ukraine's president was ousted last week after a reject in a deal with the european union meaning closer ties to the u.s. and away from russia. secretary kerry said ten other nations along with u.s. are prepared to sanction russia, to go to the hilt to isolate it economically. now the administration cancelled trade talks with
. >> i would like to ask a question about ukraine and the situation over there when you get there. isn't there a budget question in that republicans are saying the administration should reexmine the budget due to the potential ukraine situation? >> i think it is important to reflect there is an agreement that set the levels for '15. in the president's budget you see proposed today, the president suggested that the 050 account, defense department, and the opportunity growth and security initiative suggests we believe a better place is to have an additional $28 billion. we make choices about offsets about closing loopholes and we believe that is a choice we should make. and in a lot of out years of the budget, the president's budget has higher levels of defense spending than those that are law and those that have been supported and i think that is what we will see when we see the proposals as they come out. the starting point is great. let's all sign on to the president's budget in terms of getting the defense level to the higher levels we believe are appropriate. as secretary hagel and
recorded is it you will fall into and who phoned which will protect all of the situation room ukraine. last week. this is a no contest to some extent since the situation. and come in contact with him cooking an interesting time. when the kids and i teach it to tok to him from his room. on the podium. i'm transformed into it. the kids the game. i don't. we don't like analyzing the situation coming back to me it's a more stable situation we're in ukraine. goodman step by step any reaction to what one of our viewers as saying i think the european support the opposition in ukraine has increased the risk of a new cold war. human discuss the new principal to the ukrainian opposition during our day. cause why rome or london didn't say or think it was done in good faith. opposed to twenty the game. new real opponent to its creation in ukraine country music. just head up into the concrete. but just governance corruption. when nothing is going on. until four. q what was cool and i let on the first loss in the protection and the secret is now open. the three component is it weird to realize it. come b
an apartment building catches fire. the situation in ukraine is getting more tense. at 5:00ning washington a.m. begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. the good news is we made it to friday.
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international behavior. i hate to use cliche but the ukraine situation same old same old. and putin knows it and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining for reaction, fox news analyst charles krauthammer. where am i going wrong here, charles? >> i think you have got a right talking about individual nations. i wouldn't blame nato as an institution because nato has one purpose, to defend its own countries against soviet and now russian aggression and that it's never been challenged but it did succeed 50 years. the russians never crossed the line into berlin. they never crossed the line into germany. the problem for nato is when it acts out of area. meaning in afghanistan or ukraine. remember, the bush administration wanted to bring ukraine in to nato. so that would have triggered a nato response, the invasion that we are seeing now. but the europeans did not want to get involved in ukraine because they thought it was dangerous. so, they are very much unwilling to risk anything. however, i do think for the polls and the others, czechs, the baltic states and of cours
at putting an end to the tense situation between ukraine and russia. >> secretary of state john kerry meeting with russia's foreign minister in paris this morning. kerry is also speaking with ukraine's foreign minister who hitched a ride to france on secretary of state's plane. abc's tahman bradley is following it from washington. >> reporter: the u.s. and other nations are still trying to defuse the volatile standoff in ukraine. in crimea, tensions remain high. with russian and ukrainian troops staring each other down walking the streets of kiev yesterday kerry saw the shrines where ukrainians died in last month's protests. the secretary blasted vladimir putin's invasion of crimea. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of a gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. >> reporter: putin says he ordered troops in to protect ethnic russians. president obama warned russia is violating international law. >> president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> reporter: the
the situation in ukraine. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> also this morning pursuing measures to support the allies including stepping up joint training, aviation detachment in poland, and it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting our discussion of n.a.t.o. policing. >> they are sending a mission of 35 military personnel to ukraine. the unarmed troops come from 18 different countries. they're currently on their way to odessa in southern ukraine. the mission was requested by pro-western authorities in kiev. that's scheduled to last until march 12th. >>> social media has played a huge role in the crisis of ukraine from government officials and traditional press to the protesters themselves. twitter, facebook and other social media is being used to talk about it, and in some cases propel and move forward the rapidly changing events. photos and videos are being posted online for the world to see. take a look at this from catarina, a 22-year-old ukrainian activist, who has been live tweeting from kiev since november. >> reporter: social media has played a huge role. to be ho
. >>> developing news on the unfolding situation in ukraine. president obama spoke today to russian president vladimir putin for 90 minutes about moscow's violation of ukraineon sovereignty and territorial swig grit. --bill integrity. putin received permission from the russian parliament to invade ukraine, citing the need to protect moscow citizens. yesterday mr. obama warned putin there would be costs if russia invadeddianin. >> russias actions sparked a protest in san francisco. the antirussian group held signs demanding russia with draw. many ukraines cast doubt on the claim russian citizens are receiving threats in ukraine. >> russian speaking population seeks protection from putin is propaganda, since i never heard that anybody who speaks russian being opressed in ukraine ever. and i lived there for 33 years. >> these protesters pointed out adolph hitler used the same excuse, protecting german citizens, when he annexed parts of second slovakia 76 years ago. >> caltrain on veils the blueprint for going green but could thousands of trees be on the chopping block to make that happen? we'll
and assuring human rights. the secretary-general has remained closely engaged on the situation in ukraine. in the latest phone call conversation with president clinton over the weekend, the secretary-general told him that he was closely following the serious and rapidly unfolding developments in ukraine. the secretary-general explained -- expressed concern about the situation that would compromise the unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the country. he reiterated it was critical to restore calm and pristine to a deep -- and proceed to a de-escalation and ask for cool heads reveal. since secretary-general appealed to president putin to urgently engage in direct dialogue with the authorities in cap. he has repeatedly exercised that it is critical to exercise respect for ukraine's independence, unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. he has underscored the utmost importance of restoring calm to de-escalate tensions through dialogue. he stressed in the spirit of the it herecharter we owe too peaceful summits of disputes. following the council's consultation on saturday, an
think ukrainians would like to see happen as ukraine's political situation develops what are the kingdom or more people are taking down here and what criteria that most people just want to live in peace. tired of the corruption of the old regime and in future even the political instability and economic class. though the question will you know what the crime you should be given ukraine or russia to actually talk but most people but there are radical for two it can get what you the opportunity to get closer to russia. tomorrow we're expecting a corker of a pro am. while pro russian candidate has the virtue of the demonstrators the apartment buildings. she can continue censoring months of the often. i do. and that'll a disturbing story in nigeria were gunmen have attacked a school hospital sources say fifty nine students were shot or burned to death. the attack took place in the town of bodie iv in troubled north eastern state of the uob. many of the children are thought to have been dying in there so we back to the attackers set the school on fire. police say the gunmen were from the islam
on abc7 news we're going turn to escalating situation in ukraine. a former u.s. ambassador now says they will not get away with it. >> and oscar night selfie that brought down twitter. priceless reaction of engineers, stay with us. or how to find big savings on the things you need.eek. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. right now, breakfast is on. oscar mayer bacon is only $3.99. rise and shine with simply orange oj, just $2.98. and oikos greek yogurt is only a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. since i had had health insurance -- icy i needed. of since i had hwhat policy i needed.- within 4icy. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at >>> tensions continue to smolder over the situation in ukraine the russians took over two more facilities in crimea. the russian navy boarded a war ship in the black sea. a united nations diplomats called on russia to withdraw troops. accusing russians of res
nicotine. >> continuing here on abc7 news we're going turn to escalating situation in ukraine. a former u.s. ambassador now says they will not get away with it. >> and oscar night selfie that brought down twitter. priceless reaction of engineers, stay with us. ??eç attention monster taco fans! get ready for a night of monster taco madness - when two new monster taco flavors from jack in the box face off. introducing - the bacon ranch monster taco, crushin' it with strips of bacon and creamy ranch versus the nacho monster taco, comin' hard with nacho cheese and jalapeños! monster, monster, monster tacos! too much? needs an explosion. >>> tensions continue to over the situation in ukraine the russians took over two more facilities in crimea. the russian navy boarded a war ship in the black sea. a united nations diplomats called on russia to withdraw troops. accusing russians of responding to a math nary threat. we're live in san jose tonight. and you spoke to the man bho who was just america's top diplomat. >> he says president putin needs to be sent a message sending troops into ukraine
, but there are russia's -- russians and western ukraine. their situation is even more difficult. minority. they are being oppressed. how can we help them? >> we think that the current authorities, if they really claim to be civilized, should make sure that their citizens are secure regardless of where they live. we will watch and monitor the situation, of course. thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] senators chris murphy, john mccain, and jeff sessions spoke about russian intervention in ukraine in floor speeches on tuesday. this is 30 minutes. completely dwarfing any amount of money spent on the other side. i want to talk about the ongoing crisis in the ukraine and i'm glad to have senator mccain on the floor today because it's really hard to describe the sensation both he and i felt at the end of last year when we got the chance to travel to the midon, independent square in kiev and speak to about a million people. and it was even harder to describe the sensation of hearing that group of people yellin
in ukraine any aggressors or those provoking the situation do not have the right to intervene in internal affairs. >> at this hour russian soldiers remain in control of ukraine's southern region of crimea. today the parliament i'm proved president putin's request to use force. the united nations had a special meet to go discuss this crisis. they are calling for u.n. to observe. president obama spoke to putin earlier toed urging him to withdraw his troops from ukraine. in the southern part that have country reu rus rush has ceased. crimea. >> reporter: the crimea prime minister asked hospital could you for help and he's getting. russia's decision authorize force in ukraine came as a surprise to much of the world. here in crimea at least, it's welcome news to many. jubilation in the crimean capital. the russians are coming. the as moscow endorsed the use of force, he would anything russians that are the majority here took to the streets. sporting the russian flag. >> translator: they are our protectors. there will be no military clashes she tells me. they are just here to guarantee our safe
's an extremely serious situation but it's all gone. ukraine says its border with four european union countries meaning and twenty eight cm and the states could become directly involved in the conflict. everton go straight to no one to reporting on the ground in crimea rob parsons our chief for an edit that is in terrible noise. mo where a ukrainian minute rebates is and indeed been surrounded by a russian soldiers of the last twenty four was oh so wrong. that is on the situation was happening where you are. no not at all for the signal to both of the artists were outside the ukrainian that the basic idea from land over a fall from the comfort of kindness in federal poll. ukrainian soldiers may be as many as fifteen thousand ultimo on base and not sitting in a thing of the negotiating with the russians loser the russian those two forces surrounded the base is home to set the parameter time that they don't they don't have my deceased and no weapons of an automotive be put to bed but trying to keep the tensions that into sports and as far as they can. but clearly the situation remains tense. don'
does not use force to resolve the situation in ukraine the minister believes that the current issue can be results through peaceful negotiations. it was stated by the official representative of the foreign affairs ministry at the briefing anasta now emily's the parties are able to make balanced and objective decisions the controls of the situation in ukraine will settle down since the for the worsening the crisis could lead to unpredictable consequences both in the region in the whole world is the legacy of the diesel is going to get some addicts human urge all parties t
to address the situation soldiers must sing in ukraine symbol of our callings of the neutral one of the anointed nations. this is diplomacy remains deeply divided. another emergency security council meeting on ukraine and russia weekend saying the movement of its troops was installing electrical will by producing a written request from ousted ukrainian president viktor yanukovich costing russian president whether their pigeons to send all its faults. most of his business is going to deny that this is completely virgin on the russian off and given a certain situation in ukraine this threat and the threat to our compatriots russian citizens. and the black sea fleet. we're talking about defending our citizens our compatriots on defending the most important human rights. the right to life the us ambassador to the un shops are so many of the assertions made this afternoon by the russian federation are without basis in reality. as i said our last session. russia's actions speak much louder than its words. what is happening today is not a human rights protection mission and it is not a
are following for you. diplomatic efforts to stabilize the situation? ukraine. secretary of state john kerry meeting with russian's foreign minister in paris. >> crimea, was, is, and will be an integral part of the state of ukraine. >> ukraine's new prime minister talking about those tensions in crimea. as russian navy ships remain in the port.
. . >> it is 10:00 here at the end of a very tense day in the country of ukraine. all eyes on the situation in crimea. the government in kiev, the central government, a shaky government to diffuse the crisis in the southeast in crimea. the diplomacy is something that the government here is looking for. looking for the involvement from the west and the united states and the european union. also at the same time they are calling up military reserves and trying to get as many volunteers as possible outside in independence square right behind now. you can't really see because of the fog and the darkness. all day people have been giving their names to officials volunteering to fight if it comes to that. it has not yet, but it's still very, very tense indeed and no telling what may happen tomorrow with russian forces on the ground in crimea. as many as ten bases surrounded by forces in crimea. there was talk today of an ultimatum by a commander of the complete. that has been contradicted out of russia when you go short low for that. president obama a short time ago spoke about the situation about
at the situation in ukraine with the news conference with russian president vladimir putin followed by remarks on the senate floor from john mccain and jeff sessions. president obama released his 2015 budget request tuesday morning, it increases tax credits for the working poor and expands early childhood education. the president also commented on russia's intervention in ukraine. this is about 15 minutes. >> good morning. i am here at powell elementary school, i just had a chance to see some of the outstanding students here. i thought it was an appropriate thing for me to say a few words about the budget that i sent to congress this morning because obviously the budget is not just about numbers, it's about our values. an it's about our future and how well we are laying the groundwork for those young children that i was with just a few moments ago to be able to succeed here in america. these kids may not be the most excited people in town on budget day, but it is designed with their generation and future generations in mind. in my state of the union address, i laid out an agenda to restore opp
to discuss the deterioration of the situation in the ukraine. that news broke moments ago. >> the situation only growing more serious. more to cover when we return after the commercial break. .oming up, pinterest certainly was not an overnight sensation. an exclusive interview. >> a japanese company may take aim at j.crew. that is coming up here on "market makers." streaming on your smart phone, tablets, and if you missed the interviews, catch them on demand on apple tv. ♪ >> "market makers." looks like newsweek coming back from the dead. the new owners are bringing the print edition back this friday. seven thousand copies will be printed. compare that with the peak circulation of three point 3 million. the cost is $7.99. the secret service is helping fierce look for possible security breach in the computer network according to people familiar with the situation. system tothrough the see if there are traces of hacking. shoppers in neiman marcus was a victim. big hitgenerate was a on twitter last night. posted by selfie taken with some of hollywood's biggest stars. some sayp
in ukraine. president putin asked for it, he got it unanimously. he called the situation in ukraine extraordinary with russian lives under threat. not long after the vote in the biggest pro-russian city in ukraine, chaos. dozens were injured as police battled crowds who raised the russian flag on the regional government building. these protests repeated in other cities in ukraine, east where many areas are now slipping out of the control of these men. ukraine's new government, unelected, untested and in a crisis. we wouldn't give in to russian provocation, says the prime minister. exactly what he can do is not clear. he can't stop this. russia, they chant. on crimea's streets they are excited russian troops are here. they want to see more. >> to protect us. >> reporter: you say the russian troops are here to protect you? >> of course, we are russians. we are russians. >> reporter: all eyes are on the military airport where russian planes, up to a dozen, delivered troops and equipment overnight. crimea, now tense, waiting to see if more, many more russian troops join these men. and t
are on a collision course over that situation in ukraine was just leave your animal situation. the piece here and there in a very difficult to position because she opened one hand one student had to negotiate to de escalate. but you've also took me a position he as he had the fun they said the unity of the sovereignty and also that air time out and take a teal signed up to ukraine is in cotton and they cannot them now and that's to be attached and they also said dislikes. he carried the tradition of the witnesses said they came out and they'd taken them the russian decision still a bit of the very key a standstill it puts him in the very difficult position and then the tuesday meeting and then did they now have to be credible and they have in an emergency meeting which is only on monday but maybe take so long because it's an ipod to decide what they can do now would it be saying since when are they reconsider and energy union nations that though russia. it's a very difficult position. europe is good now. again that's the question seems like brussels is very intent on keeping those diplomatic
the situation in ukraine. let's listen. >> russia has legitimate interests in what happens in the neighboring state. that does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence inside of that state. we have said that if in fact there is any evidence out there that russian speakers or russian natives or russian nationals are in any way being threatened there are ways of dealing with that through international mechanisms and we're prepared to make sure that the rights of all ukrainians are upheld and in fact in conversations we've had with the government in kiev they have been more than willing to work with the international community and with russia to provide such assurances. so, the fact that we are still seeing soldiers out of their barracks in crimea is an indication to which what's happening there is not based on actual concern for russian nationals or russian speakers inside of ukraine but is based on russia seeking through force to exert influence on a neighboring country. that is not how international law is supposed to operate. i would also note just, you know, the w
of an effect this situation in ukraine would have on the financial markets all week that they didn't decide that it would be having any considerable effect but that seems to have changed now within the last couple of hours people are now worried that the situation in ukraine and possible reactions by russia could have it the stabilizing effect politically and economically. one of the reasons why the ducks went down. in spite of a very good to consumer climate in germany. another reason people just think that a more positive news surprisingly positive news has to come from the economic side in from the corporate side in order to perhaps reach the record highs again. in frankfurt there let's look at the role market numbers starting in frankfurt the dax down by about one four percent on the day ninety six sixty one the clothes. euro stocks fifty also down slightly less thirty one forty eight as and over in new york the dow is training in just slightly out that sixty one ninety two and the euro down against the dollar one thirty six seventy one. anchored in the air bus group had a healthy year
is the ukraine has been invaded and controlled by vladimir putin. >> i think, erin, it's going to be a situation where if the united states wants to stand out to the russian invasion of the crimea, then they are going to have to do something and there could be such a thing as embargo against russian oil and significant effects on europe that would have to be coordinated with nato. those are some of the things that we could do short of military force in a case like this. >> how bad could this get? when you were president of georgia, hundreds of people were killed, tarnnks came in, troops came in. is this just the beginning? >> i think it's just the beginning. some people are trying to argue that it's irresponsible behavior of georgia. what would you say this time? and actually, the reality is that it's reminiscent of what happens in the 21st century, very much like the land by then nazi germany and then of course this time exactly the way how european powers said for poland, united states, the united kingdom and also russia, together pledged to guarantee territory integrity in 1994 when ukraine g
of situation in ukraine, he has plans to speak on the phone with world leaders allied leaders to talk about how to react to this crisis. meanwhile, you are right, john kerry making the rounds of the sunday public affairs shows today here in washington, calling them hooligans, the actions thuggery, accuses russia of 19th century behavior. what about it? what can the united states in coordination with it's allies do in reaction to this apparent aggression on the part of vladimir putin's russia, here is more of what john kerry had to say. >> i talked to were 10 of the foreign ministers of those countries most engaged, the g8 plus some others, and all of them, every single one he have them, arof themare prepared to t to isolate russia with respect to this invasion, they are prepared to put sanctions in place, they are prepared to isolate russia economically, the ruble is already going down, russia hayes major economic challenges. >> reporter: prepared to go to the hilt. and you heard secretary kerry talk about the economic action is being contemplated. i have to tell you that the question was put b
and not for someone to separate from ukraine. so a complex situation. but the international fuel rod of its wheels down to situations like this on the grounds that he has made us call a grave violation of international goal and which russian me just say is within their rights. which can potentially push this country and this country towards a real spectacle. ukraine has dismissed a navy commander done as fair as off key whose only on his second day on the job and launched a treason case against him the country's security councils of the bars all states of mind it's his head coaches and thus must call a port in crimea and two pro russian and creamy and all far it is on sunday said that a softie declined to offer resistance and lay down his weapons. another tomorrow as sick in the duke was placed in charge of the navy the autonomous republic of crimea host of russia's black sea fleet. it has become a major fight is in a crisis since the president thinks they don't come which was ousted by ukrainian parliament on funds rate to twenty seconds. more on the situation in ukraine let's cross live to our c
with the israeli prime minister netanyahu. but first, let's get it the latest on the situation in ukraine. officials say russia's navy has ordered two ukrainian strips -- ships to surrender. this is the worst band office of the end of the cold war. ryan joins the on the phone from kiev, what is the latest in crimea? >> ukraine reporting that russia's navy has ordered two ships to surrender. the acting president of the ukraine says that these ships have been threatened with seizure, and ordered to surrender. meanwhile the russian defense ministry says that is not true, there is no ultimatum. clear is that the ukraine is in control of the russian military. there has been a real steady buildup since the first eight on fridays arrived and surrounded the bases. and now they are very much a control. >> tells about the situation the capital there. they're preparing for meetings with international monetary fund. >> that is correct of they just sat down with the director. they're going to meet with the imf, what timing, eh? ,kraine intends to ask of and intends to receive a funding --llars of $3 b
' foreign minister does not use force to resolve the situation in ukraine the minister believes that the current issue can be results through peaceful negotiations. it was stated by the official representative of the foreign affairs ministry at the briefing anasta now emily's the parties are able to make balanced and objective decisions the country also the situation in ukraine will settle down since the for the worsening the crisis could lead to unpredictable consequences both in the region in the whole world is the legacy of the diesel is going to get some add
.c. he was speaking about the situation in ukraine right now. just a few minutes before that, we were listening to secretary of state john kerry in kiev, talking about the crisis in ukraine. their message, very much the same, even though the tone a little bit different. president obama, i think, a little bit more measured than secretary of state john kerry. but the message seemed to be that what the russians are saying is very different than what the reality on the ground. secretary of state john kerry said it most starkly. he said the russians are hiding behind falsehood, intimidation and provocation. the russians are saying that they're there on a humanitarian mission to defend ethnic russians in the ukraine. secretary of state john kerry said there is not a single piece of credible evidence that supports these claims. i'm joined by christiane amanpo amanpour, and spider marks, military analyst. christiane, your impressions from the two foreign policy leaders. >> direct rebuttal of what president putin said today and over the last week. direct rebuttal. as you said, they have absolu
in ukraine, back to you in london. >> tim, thanks very much indeed. yes, we will keep across the situation in ukraine of course. let's catch up on some other news for you. the egyptian court has band all activity thes by the palestinian militant group hamas. it also ordered the seizure of offices. it is the result of a lawsuit demanding that the palestinian group with the terrorist organization because of its links to the brotherhood. a prominent exiled leader urged authorities to respond calmly to a knife attack in which 29 people died over the weekend. they have urged the authorities not to demonize them. the muslims who live in china's far west. three more people have been arrested over the random attack at a railway station. >>> indonesia warned the australian drug smuggler would have her parole revoked following a documentary. she was freed last month after serving nine years in prison. under parole conditions she must stay on the island until 2017. channel 7 broadcast an interview with her sister. and widery rumored to have secured an interview with chappelle as well. >>> it's carniv
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